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PROPTA Vice President of Education
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Master Professional Personal Trainer

Mike Sable is the executive Vice President of the US Private Trainers Association, also know as the Personal Trainers Association "PROPTA" a World Wide organization educating personal fitness trainers in proper biomechanics, scientific principles and nutrition.

Mike "The Zipper" Sable, former Mr. America, Mr. Universe and Mr. World. Mike is known world wide as "The Zipper", a nickname he received for his famous thigh pose which he developed 20 years ago in his stage routine.

Mike's vast knowledge sets him far apart from the rest in the fitness and nutrition world. Twenty two years as a professional bodybuilder as well as personal trainer, coupled with an educational background in kinesiology and nutrition, a masters level certification from the Personal Trainers Association and from the International Sports Sciences Association, as well as holding elite certifications and teaching credentials with the "PROPTA" as well as the "Continental Organization of Registered Fitness Instructors and Trainers".

Mike is also certified as a teacher of Performance Nutrition and co-author of the course text entitled "Performance Nutrition". Mike utilizes his knowledge to teach courses to Personal Trainers nationwide.

Mike, specializes in central nervous system and stabilization training, with certifications from Paul Chek in dynamic medicine ball and swiss ball. As a past competitive cyclist Mike has distinguished himself in the indoor cycling arena as one of the top instructors as well as teachers of this unique sport.

Mike has multiple certifications with Qruzer and Precision Cycling. Mike is one of the most sought after Fitness Consultants in the industry today. His clientele ranges from the average person to many professional athletes as well as film and television stars.

The true fact of the matter is that Mike has been able to take a 27 year career filled with many lessons as well as mistakes and use them in a positive way to help others reach their own goals. As a public speaker Mike is dynamic and inspiring. His seminars cover the myths of weight training and nutritional counseling while introducing the new and cutting edge ways to get the most out of your fitness and nutritional goals.

Mike is also a consultant for many businesses and individuals in creating complete fitness centers to suit their personal needs. You can listen to Mike on Sinbad's morning show on 92.3 FM as well as 97.1 FM their in house fitness consultant for daily tips on nutrition and exercise.

Two years in Europe, while competing, Mike also spent his time doing motivational and teaching seminars on a daily basis for large corporations as well as sports and fitness conventions. As a three time world champion in body building, Mike won such prestigious titles as:

  • 1979 Mr. USA
  • 1982 Mr. America
  • 1982 Mr. World
  • 1983 Mr. Universe
  • 1988 & 90 Coors Extra Gold Grand Prix Overall Champion

Mike "The Zipper" Sable is one individual that will have a lasting positive impact on any organization as he his lives by his moto:



1) Personal Trainers Association PROPTA Mater Professional Teaching Credential Vise President.

2) International Sports Sciences Association Masters Level CPFT.

3) Continental Organization of Registered Fitness Instructors and Trainers Elite CPFT, Masters Level Teaching Credentials.

4) Performance Nutrition Certification Elite With Teaching Credentials.

5) Central Nervous System and Stabilizer Certifications from Paul Chek in Dynamic Medicine Ball and Swiss Ball Training.

6) Precision Cycling Certification.

7) Qruzer Indoor Cycling Masters Certification

8) Master level certification in Education and instruction

To Contact Mike Sable you may email him using form bellow or call him at 818-766-3317.

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